Current Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmacy, Volume 15, Issue 1, Jan-Mar 2021

Research Papers

1. Transcriptional and Translational Leakiness in Expression of a Fungal Cyclopropane Fatty Acid Synthase in the Escherichia coli pET-vector Expression System
Ursula Kües, Sevda Haghi Kia, Kiran Lakkireddy, Mojtaba Zomorrodi
DOI: 10.5530/ctbp.2021.1.1

2. Development of Point-of-Care Lateral Flow Immunochromatographic Assay for Foot and Mouth Disease Diagnosis
M. Anil, P. Navaneetha, P. V. Janardhan Reddy, M.Prudhvi Chand, , A. Vijay Kumar, P. B. Kavi Kishor, K.R.S. Sambasiva Rao,, P. Rathnagiri
DOI: 10.5530/ctbp.2021.1.2

3. Method Development and Estimation of Phenylenediaminein Gastric Contents, Blood & Urine
Muhammad Adnan Jamil, Muhammad Shahzad Aslam, Muhammad Abbas Sadiq, Muhammad Wasim, Cecilia Diaz Santiago, Osama Javed, Ahmed Shahid Mirza
DOI: 10.5530/ctbp.2021.1.3

4. The Assessment of the Free Radical scavenging activity and Flavonoid contents of selected medicinal plants of Mizoram
Alex Zohmachhuana, Malsawmdawngliana, K. Lalrinzuali, F. Lalnunmawia, M. Vabeiryureilai, N. Senthil Kumar
DOI: 10.5530/ctbp.2021.1.4

5. Assessment of Eco-genotoxic effects of pesticide mixtures on freshwater fish, Catla catla
B. Reddi Bhargavi, Ravi Kumar Vellanki, Rajanikanth Akurathi & Jagadeeswara Reddy Kanala 
DOI: 10.5530/ctbp.2021.1.5

6. Development and validation of stability indicating RP-HPLC method for quantitative estimation of levofloxacin injection 5mg/ml dosage form
N. Prasad Babu and Dr. D. Ramachandran K. Geetha Bhavani
DOI: 10.5530/ctbp.2021.1.6

7. Formulation & evaluation of amoxicillin trihydrate oral lozenges for treating upper respiratory tract infections
S.Vidyadhara, RLC. Sasidhar, B. Sowjanya Lakshmi, Manisha Lal, P. Nithin
DOI: 10.5530/ctbp.2021.1.7

8. Zirconium alginate beads: A renewable source for the biosorption of fluoride from contaminated groundwater
Aruna Jyothi Kora
DOI: 10.5530/ctbp.2021.1.8

9. In vivo cardioprotective effect of a polysaccharide from Lycium europaeum on cisplatin-induced heart injury in mice
Ilhem Rjeibi, Anouar Feriani and Najla Hfaiedh
DOI: 10.5530/ctbp.2021.1.9

Review Articles

10. Holy basil: A potential herbal source for therapeutic applications
Lomada Dakshayani, Neha Merchant, Sugavasi Smitha, Gulla Surendra, Tamatam Guruprasanth Reddy, Dudyala Mamatha, Goddumarri Deepthi, Dasari Venkata Ramana, Thummala Chandrasekhar, Madhava C Reddy
DOI: 10.5530/ctbp.2021.1.10

11. Academic Output in Smart Agriculture with Conservation of Natural Resources : India vs. Global Scenario
NK Prasanna Kumari and RS Jayasomu, M Verma
DOI: 10.5530/ctbp.2021.1.11

12. Vaccine Diplomacy: Exploring the Benefits of International Collaboration
Dr. SK Varshney and Dr. NK Prasanna
DOI: 10.5530/ctbp.2021.1.12

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