Role of Nanoparticles as Antibiofilm Agents: A Comprehensive Review

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Volume :14
Issue :1
January, 2020 - March, 2020
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Suruchi Chaudhary†, Anurag Jyoti†, Vikas Shrivastava** and Rajesh Singh Tomar*
Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Amity University Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior

Biofilm forms with the colonization of different microorganism resulting in a microbial community which is complex and diverse in nature. Biofilms are enclosed with different microbial colonies in a matrix known as extracellular polymeric substance. Microorganisms together in this complex structure communicate through cell signaling molecules. This process is known as quorum sensing which helps in maintaining the complexity and diversity. Biofilms are involved in causing various infections in human beings. Oral cavity and wounds are very common two sites where biofilm formation takes place. The complexity of a biofilm makes it tenacious and it’s tough to eradicate completely. There are several conventional methods such as physical, chemical, antibiotics, antiseptics and anti-biofilm agents for the eradication of dental/periodontal biofilms and biofilms associated oral wounds. Thus, various novel approaches can be proposed, one of them is Nanotechnology. Its extensive application in dentistry can be very helpful in curing various periodontal and dental diseases. Nanoparticles are one of new emerging potent system which can be really helpful in the complete eradication of complex biofilms due to their high anti-microbial properties. In this review, we have attempted to discuss dental/ periodontal biofilms; oral wounds, their relation with oral biofilm microbes and their treatment as well as conventional methods of treatment available till now. With this comprehensive review, it is proposed that with the help of nanotechnology, various nanoparticles can be designed and an improvement can be done to the available methods or some new method can also emerge.

Biofilm, Oral biofilms, Periodontal diseases, Nanoparticles, Dental plaque.
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