Retroviral Proteases: A Potential Target for Development of Antiviral Agents

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Volume :2
Issue :1
January, 2008 - March, 2008
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R. L. Sawant*, M. S. Bhatia [1], Manisha R. Sawant[2] and Jyoti B. Wadekar
P.D.V.V.P.F’s College of Pharmacy, Vilad Ghat, Post MIDC, Ahmednagar – 414 111, Maharashtra, India
[1] Bharti Vidyapeeth’s College of Pharmacy, Near Chitranagari, Kolhapur – 414 003, Maharashtra, India
[2] New Arts, Commerce and Science College, Near Lal Taki, Ahmednagar – 414 111, Maharashtra, India

Abstract: Protease cuts the long chain of viral proteins produced by the host cell for assembly into a new functional virus. Retroviral proteases hasbeen identified as potential targets for structurebase drug design as its inactivation leads to the production of immature, noninfectious viral particles.Structure assisted drug developments of retroviral protease inhibitors have been resulted into ten drugs approved and others are undergoingclinical trials. High-resolution structures are now available for enzymes from human immunodeficiencyvirus type 1 and 2, simian immunodeficiency virus, feline immunodeficiency virus, rous sarcoma virus and equine infectiousanemic virus. This review summarizes the data documenting location, structures, functions and inhibition of retroviral proteases. Structure oftarget enzyme, binding of inhibitors to the target enzyme and common structural features of existinginhibitors could be useful for development of novel compounds with even more pertinent pharmacological and pharmacokinetic profile.

Retroviral proteases (RPs), structure, function, protease inhibitors (PIs).
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