Optimization Of Operating Parameters Using Response Surface Method For Biosorption of Zinc

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Volume :14
Issue :1
January, 2020 - March, 2020
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P. Bangaraiah
Department of Chemical Engineering, VFSTR University, Vadlamudi, Guntur. A.P., INDIA

The Biosorption of metals is an effective and environmental friendly process for the removal of heavy metals from aqueous solution. Biosorption of zinc by Tamarind fruit shell powder (Tamarindus Indica L.) was investigated in this study. The various operating parameters like agitation time, biomass dosage, initial metal ion concentration and pH were studied using Face centered composite design method under RSM and batch process. The optimum parameters using RSM are agitation time is 22.84 minutes, dosage is 0.78gm, initial ion concentration is 20.87 mg/l and pH is 6.98.The experimental data was analyzed using Freundlich and Langmuir isotherms. Langmuir isotherm is the best fit to the given data. The kinetic data is well suited to pseudo second order kinetics. Thermodynamic and equilibrium studies were investigated. The maximum percentage removal of zinc using tamarind fruit shell is 65.2.The tamarind fruit shell biomass is favorable for biosorption of zinc.

Tamarind fruit shell powder, Zinc, RSM, Biosorption, Isotherm.
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