Identification of Differentially Expressed Molecular Markers for Breast Cancer Diagnosis by cDNA-RAPD

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Volume :2
Issue :1
January, 2008 - March, 2008
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Siva Kumar Panguluri and Sham S. Kakar*
Siva Kumar Panguluri and Sham S. Kakar* Department of Medicine, University of Louisville 580 S Preston Street, Baxter II, Room # 324, Louisville KY 40202 USA
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Phone: (502) 852-0825, Fax: (502) 852-2356

Abstract: Breast cancer is the most common cancer malignancy effecting women worldwide. Developing tools for early detection is crucialfor successfully eliminating this disease. We explored the Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) technique to identify genesdifferentially expressed in breast cancer. Thirty different RAPD primers were screened with cancer and normal cDNAs, out of which 9 primers were polymorphic. The sequenceanalysis of the differentially amplified products revealed 15 different genes. We designed sequence characterized amplified region (SCAR)primers for 10 selected genes to screen cDNAs isolated from tissue samples of 25 different breast cancer patients with varied pathological stagesby quantitative real-time reverse-transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (QRT-PCR). These SCAR markers were found to consistentlycorrelate with the patient’s pathological stage. Validating these SCAR markers using tissue and peripheral blood samples from a large numberof patients with different pathological stages will be needed to test the sensitivity and specificityof the markers. The ease of the technique makes it a cost effective and reliable tool for diagnosingbreast cancer and its progression.

Breast Cancer, Molecular Markers, Real time PCR, RAPD.

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