Evaluation of Antiangiogenic and Antiproliferative Potential in Ethanolic Extract of Dioscoria bulbifera L.

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Volume :4
Issue :4
October, 2010
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Kaveri K, Yashaswini B, Sheela M L and Bharathi P.Salimath*
Department of Studies in Biotechnology, University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysore-570006, Karnataka, India.

Historically, plant products have enjoyeda rich use for their medicinal properties in herbalmedicine. Plant compounds with multipleanticancer characteristics are essential to bedeveloped as anticancer drugs. In the samecontext, we have made an attempt to screenseven crude ethanolic extracts of medicinally vitalplants for their antitumor activity using EhrlichAscites Tumor (EAT) model. Dioscoriabulbifera L. is a plant used as traditional medicinein mainland China, having antitumor effects in itsextracts and/or ingredients. And since, ourpreliminary results indicated that, D. bulbiferarhizomes extract (DBRE) had the best antitumor,antiproliferative and antiangiogenic potentialamongst other plants; it was chosen for furtherin vitro and in vivo studies. The peritoneum ofmice treated with DBRE showed significantreduction in peritoneal angiogenesis, which wasfurther confirmed by inhibition ofneovascularization in rat cornea and chickchorioallantoic membrane (CAM) in vivo.Additionally, we noted attenuated micro vesseldensity (MVD) count and endothelial cellproliferation in the histological section of DBREtreated mice peritoneum. Quantitation of VEGFin the DBRE treated ascitic fluid of EAT miceshowed significant reduction in VEGF secretionwhen compared to untreated controls. DBRE also  exhibited excellent antiproliferative effects againstEAT, choriocarcinoma, breast cancer cells,glioblastoma, endothelial cells in vitro in a dosedependent manner. Further, antiangiogenic activityof DBRE in the tube formation assaystrengthened the presumption that D. bulbiferamay be a potential supplementary source forcancer therapy.

Angiogenesis, VEGF, D.bulbifera, Anti-proliferation, Matrigel, Rat cornea, CAM
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