Ethanol Tolerant Anaerobic Cellulolytic Ethanologenic Bacteria Isolated from Decomposed Paper

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Volume :4
Issue :4
October, 2010
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Y. Harish Kumar Reddy, M. Srijana, N. Harikrishna, D. Madhusudhan Reddy and Gopal Reddy
Department of Microbiology, Osmania University, Hyderabad – 500007, A.P., India

Ethanol tolerant anaerobic cellulolyticbacteria were isolated from decomposed paper.The better ethanol tolerant isolate MD2 wascharacterized and identified as Clostridium sp.based on morphological, cultural and biochemicalcharacterization following standard methods. Themajor fermentation products were ethanol andsmall amounts of acetic acid and CO2. Theoptimum fermentation conditions observed formaximum ethanol production and substratedegradation were 40 oC, pH 7.5 and 5%innoculum and the isolate was found to be ethanoltolerant to 3% ethanol. Selected untreated andpre-treated cellulosic agro-wastes supportedgrowth and ethanol production by MD2.Maximum ethanol yield of 0.269 (g/g) wasobtained with alkali treated banana leaves andpseudostem and 0.225 (g/g) with avicel. This isalso the first report on ethanol tolerant mesophilicClostridium sp. for single step conversion ofbanana waste to ethanol.

Clostridium; Mesophilic; Bioethanol; Cellulolytic; Biomass
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