Current and Prospective Insights on Food and Pharmaceutical Applications of Spirulina

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Volume :7
Issue :2
April, 2013
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Seema Patel [1]* and Arun Goyal [2]
[1] Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics Research Center, San Diego State University, 5500 Campanile Dr San Diego, CA 92182, USA
[2] Department of Biotechnology, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati - 781 039, Assam, India

The blue green algae spirulina has been used by mankind as food and drug since ages. However, the last few decades have witnessed the unprecedented momentum in research on nutritional and medicinal potency of this unicellular alga. It has emerged as an undisputed medical food with the discovery and validation of a litany of health benefits ranging from antioxidant, anti-inflammation, hypolipemic, antithrombotic, anti-diabetic, anticancer, immunestimulatory, antimicrobial, cardioprotective, hepatoprotective, antianaemic, neuroprotective, tissue engineering to aquaculture and livestock feed. Many hitherto unknown pharmacological properties are coming forth and myriad research projects are revolving around this miraculous cyanobacterium. Safety regulations recommend its inclusion in nutritional regimen for proofing body against ailments and augmenting vitality. Advances in effective cultivation, drying, extraction and purification techniques have been summarized. This review outlines the recent progresses and therapeutic possibilities of this spirulina.

Spirulina, antioxidant, anticancer, immunomodulation, antodiabetic, neuroprotection
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