In-vitro Evaluation of Rat Small Intestine as a Gluconeogenic Organ During Fasting

Order of Publishing in Issue: 
Volume :5
Issue :3
July, 2011
Page No: 
1338 -1345
G . Gajalakshmi, V. Kowsalya and M. Chandrasekar
Department of Physiology, Meenakshi Medical College and Research Institute, Enathur Kancheepuram, India

Abstract : The liver and kidneys maintain the blood glucose levels in periods of fasting, starvation, low-carbohydrate diets, or intense exercise bygluconeogenesis. The present study was designed to evaluate whether small intestine provides substrates for hepatic gluconeogenesis duringfasting in an in-vitro model using rat everted sac technique. Healthy adult male albino Swiss rats were chosen for this study and divided into threegroups consisting of control as well as 4 and 6 days of fasting animals respectively. The parameters studied were animal body weight,jejunal intestinal weight, and protein content of the jejunum, estimation of glucose, pyurvate and lactate dehydrogenase levels. Data were analyzedby one way analysis of variance (ANOVA) followed by Tukey’s multiple comparison. The significant level was fixed at p<0.05. There wassignificant increase in glucose, pyurvate and lactate dehydrogenase levels in the fluid medium with a significant decrease in body weight,jejunal intestinal weight and protein levels after 4 and 6 days of fasting when compared with their control animals. It has become clear that as aresult of fasting i.e. in phase III fasting state there is a strong increase in protein utilization as a substitute fuel for lipids and a rise in plasmacorticosterone level which favors gluconeogenesis. This suggests that the conversion of glucose to lactic acid may play animportant part in the absorption of glucose by rat intestine. These results establish that small intestine could serve as a gluconeogenic organby providing substrates needed for hepatic gluconeogenesis.

Gluconeogenesis, everted intestine sac, pyruvate and lactate dehydrogenase
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