Studies on Actionomycin D induced changes in supercoiled DNA integrity

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Volume :2
Issue :2
July, 2008
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P.Vasudeva Raju, S.Satish Madhusudhana Rao and K.S.J. Rao@*
Department of Biochemistry and Nutrition Central Food Technological Research Institute, Mysore-570020, India
@Present address - Department of Neuroscience, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, 29425, USA

Actinomycin D (AMD) is used as a model compound to understand supercoiled DNAtopology and stability. AMD inhibits the transcriptional process. AMD acts as anintercalating agent blocking the site for RNA polymerase on DNA. In the present investigation,we have studied the effect of AMD on the supercoiling nature (scDNA) of the DNA andalso on the stability of single (SSC) and double strand circular (DSC) DNA. The results showedthat AMD induced B to A conformational change in scDNA as demonstrated by a red shift in theCD spectra at 272 nm. AMD also altered the stability of scDNA as evidenced by the alterationsin melting temperature and also in ethidium bromide binding pattern to DNA. The resultsclearly indicated that AMD binds to ScDNA and DSC-DNA. The role of altered supercoilingnature of the DNA molecule in gene expression is discussed.

AMD, Supercoiled DNA , DNA topology and Gene expression.
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