Selection of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Candidate Vaccine Strain for Serotype O

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Volume :7
Issue :1
January, 2013
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S. Yuvaraj, M. Madhanmohan, Ralla Kumar, Kankipati Manikumar, Jangam Anil Kumar, V. A. Srinivasan and Ramesh Matur*
Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Laboratory, Research and Development Centre, Indian Immunologicals Limited, Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500032, Andhra Pradesh, India

Abstract: India is endemic for foot and mouth disease with the prevalence of O, A and Asia 1 serotypes. Serotype O accounts for nearly 80 % of the FMD outbreaks which were grouped as Middle East- South Asia (ME-SA) topotype by phylogenetic analysis. Serotype O outbreaks are dominated by Ind 2001 lineage. Among these Ind 2001 lineage field isolates five candidate strains were selected and used for raising rabbit convalescent sera (RCS). These RCS samples were used for antigen matching studies with 21 field isolates containing 11 Ind 2001 isolates and few representative isolates from other lineages like PanAsia, PanAsia-2 and minor group by the twodimensional microneutralization test (2D-MNT). The serological spectrum of the selected five Ind 2001 isolates was compared with the field isolates by calculation of the relative homology value (‘r’) from the serum neutralization antibody titers. Among the five vaccine candidates, O/ KEPt/07/2010 showed broad serological spectrum followed by O/PUJ/01/2012 and O/ UPMe/10/2009.

Serotype O, Ind 2001 lineage, Rabbit convalescent serum and Antigenic relationship (‘r’ value)
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