Screening of supports for Kluyveromyces marxianus var. bulgaricus inulinase immobilization

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Volume :1
Issue :1
March, 2007
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F.C. Paula[1], M.L. Cazetta[1], R.Monti[2] and J. Contiero[1],*
[1] Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology, Biological Sciences Institute, São Paulo State University-Unesp, 13506-900 - Av 24A, 1515 Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brasil.
[2] Department of Food and Nutrition, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, São Paulo State University-Unesp, 13506-900 - Av 24A, 1515 Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brasil.

Some relatively low-cost supports were assessed for the immobilization of inulinase produced by the yeast strain Kluyveromyces marxianus var. bulgaricus. Crude enzyme inthe culture supernatant was immobilized on various solid supports: activated carbon, diatomite, hen egg shell, Amberlite, poroussilica and gelatin. The best performance was obtained in the gelatin-water support after treatment with glutaraldehyde as a crosslinkingreagent, which showed an immobilization yield of 82.60 % for inulinase specific activity.

Inulinase. Kluyveromyces marxianus, Fructose, Immobilization, Gelatin support.
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