Screening for siderophore producing PGPR from black cotton soils of North Maharashtra

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Volume :1
Issue :1
October, 2007
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P.D. Sarode, M.P. Rane, B.L. Chaudhari and S.B. Chincholkar*
School of Life Sciences, North Maharashtra University, P B 80, Jalgaon 425001
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91 257 22 58 417

Study on indigenous micro-flora of local rhizosphere and identification of efficient plantgrowth promoters is important for development of good bioinoculants for re-strengthening of otherwise derailing IPM initiative. In this direction, we performed screening for efficient siderophoregenic PGPRs from rhizospheres ofhealthy and economically important crops in black cotton soils of North Maharashtra. Pseudomonas putida DFC31 isolated and identified in present study was able to improveoverall vigor/ percent germination of groundnut seeds and also partially inhibit the growth of potent phyto-pathogens. Its sidero-analysis revealed that this siderophore molecule containshydroxamate as well as catecholate iron chelating groups. Spectrometric study in various forms ofsiderophores confirmed that this siderophore belongs to pyoverdine type. In addition to siderophore production, IAA production and phosphate solubilization attributes wereobserved. Data presented herewith lays foundation for advanced studies on strain, in near future.

Pyoverdine, Siderophore, PGPR, Pseudomonas, Phytopathogen.
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