Retrospective study of FMD serotypes and seasonal analysis of outbreaks using sero-typing strategy in Uttar Pradesh (India)

Order of Publishing in Issue: 
Volume :3
Issue :3
July, 2009
Page No: 
267 - 277
Pankaj K. Tyagi*, Raghav Pal and Shruti
Molecular Genetics Research Laboratory, Department of Biotechnology, N.C. College of Engineering Israna, Panipat - 132107, India

AbstractA laboratory evidence based study onFMD was conducted on the diagnosis ofretrospective serotyping and seasonal analysis ofoutbreaks in cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and buffalo.The sample size was tongue epithelium, feetepithelium and blood serum (n= 40) and thesamples were screened for the evidence ofoutbreak of FMD in Mathura, Pratapgarh,Jaunpur, Bhadoi and Etawa district of this studylocation. Seasonal analysis of the FMDVoutbreaks revealed that out of total nineteenoutbreaks, the highest 42.10% occurred in Aprilfollowed by 26.30% in January and 15.80% inboth December and March. The maximumnumbers of outbreaks are observed in cattlefollowed by sheep and buffalo. For serotypingstudy of virus from five districts of Uttar Pradeshall the forty samples were processed usingsandwich ELISA and LAB-ELISA techniquesand the two-virus type, serotype A FMDV(84.61%) and serotypes O FMDV (15.39%) wererecorded. However, serotype C and Asia-1FMDV was not recorded from any of theoutbreaks during the study year. Further weconducted a retrospective diagnosis study ofantibody titre of more than 1.8 log10 againstFMDV samples of serotype A were recorded 32sera samples, 7 sera samples were found showinghigh titre against serotype O FMDV, 4 serasamples were found showing higher titre against FMDV type Asia-1. The present research workof FMDV outbreaks, April (beginning of summerseason) and September (end of long rainyseason), two times per, year can be suggested asthe most suitable time for vaccination againstFMD in the study area and imperative thatfindings of this work might be helpful in tovalidate the knowledge on diagnosis of FMD.

FMDV, serotyping, virus types O, A and asia-1, outbreaks, seasonal analysis and retrospective diagnostic studies.
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