Rapid determination of ?-asarone-free Acorus calamus cytotypes by HPTLC

Order of Publishing in Issue: 
Volume :2
Issue :4
October, 2008
Page No: 
506 -513
R.B.Subramaniana*,Vishal P.Ozaa, Pritesh Parmara and Saurabh R Mehtab
aB.R.D.School of Biosciences, Sardar Patel University, V.V.Nagar 388 120 (Gujarat) India
bTissue Culture Unit, AD & AS Department, GNFC, Baroda 391750 (Gujarat) India

Acorus calamus L., of Araceae is an aromatic herb, indigenous to Central Asia and EasternEurope. The fragrant oil obtained by alcoholic extraction of the rhizome is mainly used inthe pharmaceutical and oenological industries. Nevertheless, the occurrence of ?-asarone [(Z)-1, 2, 4-trimethoxy-5-prop-1-enyl-benzene] limits the possibility of its use due to its carcinogenicproperties. The ?-asarone content in A. calamus is dependant on the ploidy level of the plant. Theaim of the study is to distinguish between the diploid and tetraploid plants of A. calamuscontaining low and high ?-asarone respectively, using simple and easy to perform phytochemicalmethods. HPTLC profile of the alcoholic extracts of the diploid and tetraploid plants of A. calamusshowed visible and distinct variations. Therefore this method could be used to screen low and high?-asarone containing varieties of A.calamus.

β-asarone; Acorus calamus L.; HPTLC; Gas chromatography – Mass spectrometry.
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