Palm fiber as novel substrate for enhanced xylanase production by isolated Aspergillus sp. RSP-6

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Volume :2
Issue :2
July, 2008
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G. Suvarna Laxmi, T. Sathish, Ch. Subba Rao, P. Brahmaiah, M. Hymavathi and R. S. Prakasham*
Bioengineering and Environmental Center, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology Hyderabad – 500 607, India

Among all agro industrial material hydrolyzing enzymes, xylanases gainedimportance due to their role in production of xylose based products of industrial importance.An isolated fungal strain, Aspergillus sp. RSP-6, having potential in xylanase production specificto palm fiber was characterized for enzyme production properties under solid suspendfermentation environments. Effective enzyme production was achieved with palm fiber ascarbon source compared to all other tested agro materials and carbohydrates. Among differentnitrogen sources, beef extract supported maximum enzyme production. Variousfermentation parameters (pH of the medium, particle size and its concentration, incubation time and medium volume in addition to carbon and nitrogen sources) influenced the xylanaseproduction. Maximum enzyme production of 62,480 U/l was observed in the medium of pH3.0 containing 2% palm material having particle size of 2.8–1.4 mm and 1% (w/v) beef extract inpresence of other mineral salts in 144 hours of incubation. Over all, the enzyme production hasincreased significantly from 20,000 to 62,480 U/ l under optimized environment and observed tobe constitutive in nature in this fungal strain.

Agro-material, Aspergillus sp., Enzyme, Palm fiber, Solid suspended fermentation, Xylanase
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