Optimal production conditions, extraction, partial purification and characterization of inhibitory compound(s) produced by Streptomyces Ds-104 isolate against multi-drug resistant Candida albicans

Order of Publishing in Issue: 
Volume :2
Issue :2
July, 2008
Page No: 
402 -420
Ismail Saadoun* and Asia Muhana
Department of Applied Biological Sciences, Jordan University of Science and Technology Irbid-22110, Jordan

A Streptomyces Ds-104 isolate was found to inhibit four multi-drug resistant Candidaalbicans pathogens with an optimal production of the inhibitory compound(s) in starch, casein,nitrate broth (SCNB) and inhibition zone diameters ranging between 14 and 18 mm. Thesewere significantly different (P= 0.05) from what was obtained in nutrient, oatmeal, inorganic saltstarch, and yeast extract, malt extract broth media. When Ds-104 isolate was grown in SCNBsupplemented with glucose, 15 g l-1; KNO3, 2.5 g l-1; NaCl, 10 g l-1; and no KH2PO4, and incubatedat 28°C for 10 days with shaking at 100 rpm, the inhibition zone diameter ranged between 25 and30 mm, increased by 1.5-folds and significantly different (P = 0.05) from the other culturesupplements and conditions. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC), U.V absorptionspectrum and TLC analysis of the water soluble of evaporated ethanol crude extract revealed MICof 6.25 mg mL-1, maximum absorbance at 205 nm, and an Rf value of 0.75, respectively. TheRf value and UV absorption spectrum of the active compound(s) in the crude extract aredifferent from the tested drugs (fluconazole and amphotericin B) which may suggest the noveltyof the inhibitory compound(s) produced by the Streptomyces Ds-104 isolate.

Bioactive compounds, Candida albicans, Inhibitory compounds, Streptomyces
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