Optimal Production Conditions, Cultural and Physiological Characterization of an Active-inhibitory Compound(s) Producing Streptomyces Bb36 Isolate against Multiresistant Bacterial pathogens

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Volume :5
Issue :1
January, 2011
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Ismail Saadoun[1]* and Mohammad Alawawdeh[2]
[1]Department of Applied Biology, University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE
[2] Department of Applied Biological Sciences, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Irbid-22110, Jordan

A Streptomyces Bb36 isolate was found to inhibit multi-drug resistant bacterial pathogens. When the activity of Bb36 Streptomyces isolate  was compared to 23 standard antibiotics, data revealed that this isolate may not produce any of these antibiotics except cefotaxime and cefuroxime sodium. Bb36 isolate began to produce inhibitory bioactive compounds against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus after 5 days and optimally in yeast-extract maltextract (YEME) broth at 28 °C with inhibition zone diameter = 8 mm. Ethanol extraction and evaporation of the culture filtrate revealed activity against E. coli and S. aureus at MIC of 10 and 5 mg ml-1 of the crude residues of evaporated ethanol extract with 8 and 11 mm inhibition zone diameter, respectively.

Bioactive, Compound, Conditions, Extraction, Streptomyces
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