Molecular Validation of Quality Trait Linked Markers for Exploring the Wheat Germplasm of Eastern Gangetic Plains of India

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Volume :9
Issue :1
February, 2015
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Manish Kumar Vishwakarma[*], Vinod Kumar Mishra, Punam Singh Yadav, Ravi Ranjan Saxesena and Balasubramanian Arun
Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India

To fulfill the requirement of wheat consumer’s and their changing dietary habit, improvement of wheat quality is necessary. Therefore, breeding for quality parameters along with grain and cooking quality is pre-requisite for any breeding programme. Among the quality parameters grain protein content (GPC) and test grain weight (TGW) have essential role in nutritional value, market value and yield. In this context, GPC and TGW associated gene/ QTLs based markers were validated in a set of 14 and 8 wheat lines/ genotypes of Eastern Gangetic Plains respectively. Out of several markers reported to be associated with Gpc-B1 gene/ QTLs only Xucw108 and Xucw109 found useful to discriminate GPC and non GPC lines/ genotypes. Similarly, out of four markers tested Xgwm297 was found informative to distinguish between high and low TGW lines. Validation of associated markers in the used 14 and 8 lines, five (Glu1, Glu2, Glu3, Waxwing/Kukuna and PBW343+Glu) were possessing Gpc-B1 allele and five lines (HUW468, HUW510, Glu3, RS111 and ‘PBW343+Glu’ lines) had TGW alleles. Interestingly, out of 14 lines, only two lines (Glu3 and PBW343+Glu) had both the alleles and can be used as potential donor lines for transferring both the traits through genomics-assisted breeding.

Grain protein content, Test grain weight, validation, Eastern Gangetic Plains (EGP)
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