Molecular Taxonomy of Associated Microbes From Sea Slug Kalinga Ornata and its bioactivity

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Volume :12
Issue :2
April, 2018 - June, 2018
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M. Mohanraj[1], N. Sri Kumaran[1,2]* and S. Bragadeeeswaran[1]
[1]Faculty of Marine Science, Centre of Advanced Study in Marine Biology, Annamalai University, Parangipettai – 608 502, Tamil Nadu, India
[2]Department of Marine Biotechnology, AMET University, Kanathur, Chennai 603112, Tamil Nadu, India

This study was carried to investigate the molecular taxonomy of associated microbes from sea slug Kalinga ornata and its bioactivity form Indian coastal waters. In this study, totally 27 associated microbes isolated from sea slug K. ornate. Morphologically 5 different isolates were selected for sequencing and submitted to NCBI. Further these 5 sequences were analysed for the phylogenetic relationship and percentage of the nucleotide contents with few isolates sequences extracted via FASTA format from NCBI. The sequenced isolate was assigned to Psychrobactetr celer. Bacillus flexus, Acinetobacter radioresistens. The isolated associated bacteria displayed hopeful antimicrobial properties. These results depict that not only the sea slug exhibits biologically active metabolites but also its associated microbes show potent antimicrobial activity against tested pathogens. The haemolytic activities of associated microbes were tested against chicken, goat and cow erythrocytes. The result proved that the sea slug associated microbes are rich in producing the metabolites and it possesses cytotoxic activity. The current study shows that bacterial isolates from K. ornata possess bioactive properties. All the tested isolates were potential inhibition against human bacterial pathogens. Thus, this investigation highlights the importance of bacteria associated with the K. ornata as a valuable resource for the discovery of novel bioactive molecules.

Sea slug, Molecular taxonomy, Sequencing, Antagonistic, Heamolytic.
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