Measurement of IgA activity against parasitic larvae, fecal egg count and growth rate in naturally infected sheep

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Volume :4
Issue :2
April, 2010 - June, 2010
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Benothman, M., [1]* Stear, M., [2] Mitchel, S., [2] Abuargob, O., [1] Vijayan, R. [1] and Sateesh Kumar [1]
[1] Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Al-Fateh University Tripoli, Libya.
[2] Division of Animal production and Public Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Glasgow

Abstract :  Gastrointestinal parasitism is one of the greatest causes of disease and lost productivity in domestic animals. Anthelmintic treatment is themainstay of current control methods. However, with the widespread use of anthelmintics, the problem of parasite resistance has emerged.Other modalities of prevention and treatment are urgently needed. One of the most promising developments in this respect is the use of geneticallyresistant sheep. Selective breeding of animals resistant to gastrointestinal parasitism is particularly attractive, but identifying the phenotypicand genetic markers of resistance on which selection will be based is a major problem. Hence, a study was undertaken to investigate some ofthe phenotypic determinants of resistance to nematode infection in Scottish Blackface sheep when naturally infected with the gastrointestinalnematodes, particularly Teladorsagia circumcincta, and how these determinants may facilitate the successful selection of resistant animals.The present study has not found any correlations between plasma IgA activity against thirdstage larvae of T. circumcincta and fecal egg.Moreover, there was no significant correlation between growth rates in 24 week old lambs. The results suggest that IgA activity against fourthstagelarvae is probably a better marker of nematode resistance than IgA activity against thirdstage larvae. The work detailed here has furtherincreased our understanding of the complex host/ parasite relationship, and has confirmed that selectivebreeding, using the various phenotypic markers.

IgA activity, Teladorsagia circumcincta, Host-Parasite relationship
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