KIR gene frequencies and haplotype in the selected population in Andhra Pradesh (India)

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Volume :8
Issue :3
July, 2014
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G.Vaishnav[1] , S. Krupanidhi[*] and C. B. Sanjeevi[2]
Department of Biotechnology, Vignan’s University (VFSTRU), Vadlamudi -522213, A P., India
[1] SRM Medical College, GST Road, Kattankulathur, Chennai 603203, India
[2] Department of Immunogenetics, Karolinska Institute of Medical Sciences, Stockholm, Sweden

Under the phenomenon of allogenicity, a few sets of alleles that come under the domain of human immune function namely KIRs (Killer immunoglobulin-like receptor genes) and HLA-I were chosen to report from the population of Puttaparthi (India). The PCR protocols for the identified immune related genes viz.., KIR- 2DL1, 2DL2, 2DL3, 2DL4, 2DL5, 3DL1, 3DL2, 3DL3, 3DS1, 2DS1, 2DS2, 2DS3, 2DS4, 2DS5, 2DP1, 3DP1; HLA- C1 and HLA- C2 have been standardized. Online Statistical tool namely Fisher’s exact test ( chi2test) was employed to evaluate the association between pairs of KIR loci. Interestingly, majority of the activating KIR genes were least represented and varied from 5% to 32.5%. This observation is in compliance with the survival adaptation of the chosen population. The carrier gene frequencies of KIRs were compared with the other populations’ viz., Chinese Mongolian, Chinese Han, Greek and Brazilian data. The expected heterozygosity of KIR alleles and their rank in gene diversity among the population of Puttaparthi were also discussed. The significant positive association between pairs of KIR loci and consequent linkage disequilibrium and haplotype analysis favored the presence of AB genotype with 12 genes in the chosen population from Puttaparthi (India).

KIR, Genotype, Haplotype, Heterozygosity.
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