Insecticidal properties of water diffusible prodigiosin produced by Serratia nematodiphila 213C

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Volume :7
Issue :3
July, 2013
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Patil N. G.[1], Kadam M. S.[1], Patil V. R.[2] and Chincholkar S. B.[1]*
[1] School of Life Sciences, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon-425 001, Maharashtra.
[2] TVE’S College of Pharmacy, Faizpur, Jalgaon- 425001, Maharashtra

Abstract :

Water diffusible pigment producing rhizospheric bacteria was isolated and identified as Serratia nematodiphila 213C through phenotypic characters, FAME and 16S rDNA analysis. In glycerol - peptone media at 28 OC, 72 h and 180 rpm; dark red colored pigment was biosynthesized, which showed UV – Visible absorbance at λ535 and Rf of 0.9 on TLC (10 M ethyl acetate: methanol- 6:4), suggesting close similarity toward prodigiosin type of pigment. Insecticidal performance of isolated pigment on Helicoverpa armigera and Spodoptera litura showed 70 and 100 % larval mortality at 20 and 30 mgml-1 concentrations.

Serratia, insecticide, prodigiosin, Helicoverpa armigera
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