Impact of Nutritional factors verses Biomass and Serralysin Production in isolated Serratia marcescens

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Volume :6
Issue :4
October, 2012
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P. Lakshmi Bhargavi, B. Sudheer Kumar and R. S. Prakasham
Bioengineering and Environmental Centre Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad – 500 607, India


A high proteolytic enzyme producing marine isolate has been evaluated for its extracellular protease production with respect to different major nutritional sources. The phylogenetic analysis (16S rRNA ribotyping) of the isolated strain revealed that the strain belongs to Serratia marcescens and the sequence has been submitted to EMBL under the accession No. HE613732. Carbon source utilization profile indicated that the isolate has potential to use wide range of carbohydrates ranging from monosaccharides to polysaccharides. This isolate produces cellulase, amylase and chitinase extracellularly. Among tested carbon sources, dextrose among monosacchardies, maltose among disaccharides and starch among polysaccharides supported the best growth as well as enzyme production. Maltose among all carbon sources revealed high ratio of biomass growth Vs enzyme yield. Type of complex nitrogen source influenced the enzyme and biomass production independently. Tryptone supported more than 95% improved enzyme yields compared to combination of yeast extract and peptone. Present study revealed that growth and enzyme production in this isolate is differently regulated by type of complex nitrogen source. Yeast extract supplementation supported for maximum biomass development while other complex nitrogen sources supported equally for biomass and enzyme production. To the best of our knowledge, this strain revealed higher enzyme yields compared to literature reports suggesting commercial potential of this isolate.

Enzyme, Fermentation, Isolation, Protease, Serratia marcescens.
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