Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles from fractionated Annona reticulata leaf extract in different solvents and analysis of its antioxidant and antibacterial activity

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Volume :14
Issue :3
July, 2020 - September, 2020
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Sugunakar.Y.J, Chandramati Shankar P
Department of Biotechnology, Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa, 516005 Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

Silver nanoparticles were synthesized from fractionated leaf extract in Hexane, Chloroform and Water. Synthesis of AgNPs was confirmed by change in color of leaf extract solution, followed by confirming of reduction of silver ions in the leaf extract by UV-Visible spectroscopy. The Surface Plasmon resonance (SPR) peak was observed from 400 to 450nm. The biosynthesized AgNPs were characterized by dynamic light scattering measurement (DLS), Zeta potential and Transmission electron microscopy (TEM). The XRD, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis confirmed the crystalline nature of AgNPs and the presence of elemental silver. The size of the silver nanoparticles ranged from 10-50nm and were spherical in shape as found by DLS and TEM studies. The synthesized AgNPs showed higher antioxidant activity by DPPH assay as compared to the crude leaf extract. Antibacterial activity was higher in the synthesized AgNPs on observing the inhibition zone of Gram-positive and Gram-Negative bacteria.

AgNPs, Biosynthesis, Crystalline, Phytochemicals,Zeta potential.
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