Formulation Development and in vivo Characterization of Solubility Enhanced Gliclazide Tablets

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Volume :2
Issue :2
July, 2008
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P. Vijayalakshmi*, V. Kusum Devi1, Kshama Devi1, M. K. Benson1 and S. Srinagesh2
Department of Pharmaceutics, Bharat Institute of Technology Mangalpally (V), Ibrahimpatnam (M), R.R. District-500010, A.P., India
1Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Bangalore, India
2General Physician, Hyderabad, India

The antidiabetic drug gliclazide has very poor aqueous solubility leading to variablebioavailabilities on oral administration thus posing problems in the design of controlledrelease tablets. Therefore, the aim of the study was to increase the solubility of the drug bymaking inclusion complex with hydroxypropylbetacyclodextrin in the ratio 1:2 and to incorporate the solubility enhanced drug in matrix forming polymer likesodiumcarboxymethylcellulose for designing oral controlled release tablets. The AUC0-24 andAUC0-? obtained from the standardized solubility enhanced gliclazide tablets were 1.98 and 2.09folds greater than that of the tablets containing plain gliclazide respectively (P<0.05) during thein vivo studies conducted on Newzealand rabbits.

Gliclazide, Controlled release tablets, Inclusion complex,
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