Formulation, Characterization and Pharmacokinetic Studies of Carvedilol Nanoemulsions

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Volume :5
Issue :2
April, 2011
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Koteswari Poluri[1], Ramakrishna Sistla[2], Prabhakar Reddy Veerareddy*[3], Lakshmi M. Narasu[4], Amol A Raje[5] and Sunder M. Hebsiba[5]
[1] S. N. Vanitha Pharmacy Maha Vidyalaya, Nampally Exhibition Grounds, Hyderabad, A.P, India
[2] Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Tarnaka, Hyderabad, A.P, India
[3] St. Peter’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hanamkonda, Warangal, A.P, India
[4] Centre for Biotechnoloy, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Unviersity, Hyderabad, A.P, India
[5] Vimta labs Ltd., 5, S.P.Biotech Park, Shameerpet, Hyderabad, A.P, India

The present study involves the formulationand evaluation of oral o/w nanoemulsions (NE)with two simple edible oils, avoiding the largequantities of surfactants and co-surfactants whichwere prepared by high energy emulsificationtechnique. The particle size, polydispersity index(PDI), and zeta potential of prepared nanoemulsions were determined by using zeta sizerand were found to be in the range of 33.4±3.9nm, to 183.56±1.78nm, 0.051±0.04 to 0.38±0.06and -2.87±0.65 to -14.2±0.72 mv respectively.Centrifugation, freeze-thaw cycling, storage at4°C for 60days, X-ray diffraction (XRD) andTransmission electron microscopy (TEM) studiesrevealed the physical and chemical stability ofthe NEs. Entrapment efficiency and in-vitrorelease studies showed successful incorporationof carvedilol into NE with high drug loadingefficiency and good stability. Comparativepharmacokinetic studies of NE and marketeddosage form in male SD rats revealed a significantincrease in oral bio availability in NEs.

Nano emulsions, Sesame oil, Olive oil, Carvedilol, Sonication, LC-MS/MS
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