Fermentation of Enzymatically Saccharified Groundnut shell for Fuel Ethanol Production by Pichia stipitis NCIM 3498

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Volume :5
Issue :1
January, 2011
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Chandra Sekhar Gajula[1], Radhika Konakalla[1], Chandel Anuj Kumar[1], Ravinder Rudravaram[2] and Lakshmi Narasu Mangamoori[1]*
[1]Centre for Biotechnology, JNT University, Hyderabad – 500 085, AP, India.
[2]Celestial Labs Limited, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500 034, AP, India.

Ethanol production was evaluated from Groundnut shell (GS), a readily available potential feedstock, for production of fermentable sugars.Sodium hydroxide pretreated GS was enzymatically saccharified (50 °C, pH 5.0, 50 h) using cellulolytic enzyme cocktail (cellulase, xylanase, ?–glucosidase etc.) from a novel isolate,Aspergillus sp. RCAL-5. It showed cellulolytic enzyme production (Filter paperase (FPase) 0.86 U ml-1, Carboxy methyl cellulase (CMCase) 1.25 U ml-1, ?-glucosidase 1.68 U ml-1 and xylanase 4.57 U ml-1) after 4 days of incubation at 28 oC using delignified wheat bran as a carbon source. The maximum yield of monomeric sugars from delignified substrate was 0.64 g g-1 with a saccharification efficiency of 63.12 %. The fermentation performance of Pichia stipitis NCIM3498 was assessed using GS enzymatic hydrolysate (49 g l-1 sugars) for ethanol production in 10 l fermenter. A maximum of ethanol production (19.4 g l-1) was obtained with a yield (0.46 g g-1 sugar utilized) and productivity (0.23 g l-1 h1).)

Groundnut shell: Ethanol: Aspergillus sp. RCAL-5: Pichia stipitis: Cellulase: Enzymatic saccharification
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