Effect of various immobilization matrices on Lactobacillus delbrucekii cells for optically pure L (+) lactic acid production

Order of Publishing in Issue: 
Volume :3
Issue :3
July, 2009
Page No: 
311 - 319,
Ch. Subba Rao1, R.S. Prakasham1*, Ch. Sri Lakshmi2 and A. Bhaskar Rao2
1-Bioengineering and environmental center, 2- Organic chemistry-1, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad Ð 500 007

AbstractThe Present study reveals the effect ofLactobacillus delbrucekii cells immobilized invarious matrices for the production of opticallypure L(+) lactic acid. Functionalized alginatematrices were effective and suitable for higher L(+) lactic acid yields compared to other matrices.Repeated batch fermentation showedproductivity of 1.74, 1.44, 1.48 and 1.52 Y p/swith functionalized alginate, Ca-alginate, KCarrageenan,and glass beads, respectively. L.delbrucekii cells were immobilized in naturaland functionalized alginate beads. The scanningelectron microscopic studies showed increase inentrapped microbial cell biomass in modifiedimmobilized beads compared to other matrices.These modified alginate beads showed enhancedstability and selectivity towards L (+) lactic acidproduction in higher yields with an enantiomericselectivity of 99% and low by-productproduction.

Alginate, Enantiomeric selectivity, Fermentation, Immobilization, L(+) lactic acid, Lactobacillus delbrucekii
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