Cloning and Expression of Codon Optimized Minor Capsid Protein (L2) of Human Papilloma Virus type 16 in Pichia pastoris

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Volume :5
Issue :3
July, 2011
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N. Hanumantha Rao, R. Sriraman and V. A. Srinivasan*
Research and Development Center, Indian Immunologicals Limited Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500032, India

Abstract : Cancer of uterine cervix is a significant public health burden across the world. Mortality of women from cervical cancer is reported to behighest in developing countries. Prophylactic vaccine made of theVirus like particles (VLPs) of Human papilloma virus (HPV), thoughexpensive, is effective in preventing onset of homologous infection in vaccinated women. Preparation of cross protective vaccinecontaining lesser number of recombinant proteins derived from various genotypes of HPV would help reduce the vaccine cost. We report theexpression of codon optimized HPV 16 L2 in Pichia pastoris. The expression of HPV L2 protein was verified using RT-PCR andimmunoblotting. This manuscript describes initial effort in expressing full length minor capsid protein L2 of HPV16 aimed at developinga broad spectrum prophylactic vaccine for cervical cancer.

HPV, Cervical Cancer, Minor capsid protein (L2), Cross Neutralizing Epitopes, Prophylaxis, Vaccine
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