Butyl paraben induced changes in the biophysical properties of dipalmitoyl phosphatidic acid vesicles

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Volume :2
Issue :2
March, 2008
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Lata Panicker,*

The perturbation in the biophysical properties of multilamellar vesicular (MLV) and unilamellar vesicular (ULV) of dipalmitoylphosphatidic acid (DPPA) by the preservative butyl paraben(BPB) has been studied using DSC and (1H and 31P) NMR. DSC results indicate that the mechanism by which BPB interacts with the DPPA vesicles is similar in MLV and ULV. BPB affected the thermotropic phase transition and the molecular mobility of the DPPA vesicles.For all concentrations, the BPB molecules seem  to get intercalated between the polar groups of the phospholipids with its alkyl chain penetratinginto the co-operative region. The gel to liquid crystalline phase transition temperature(Tm) of the DPPA vesicles was decreased in the presenceof BPB. This suggests increased headgroup fluidity due to reduced headgroup-headgroup interaction. In the presence of BBP additionaltransitions are observed whose intensity increases with increasing BPB concentration. The large enthalpy values obtained in the presence of BPBsuggest that presence of BPB makes the DPPA  bilayer more ordered (rigid). The effect of  inclusion of cholesterol in the BPB-free andBPB-doped DPPA dispersion was also studied.

DPPA, differential scanning calorimetry, NMR, Parabens,
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