The Association of Biotechnology and Pharmacy (ABAP) will be useful to form a forum for scientists so that they can bring together to discuss and find scientific solutions to the problems of society. The annual meetings will help the members to share their knowledge and publish their research knowledge particularly by members and fellows of the Association and special care will be taken to provide an opportunity for young scientists. Besides this the association is planned to organize symposia, seminars and workshops on current developments of Biotechnology and Pharmacy particularly on the subject of current scientific interest, and the proceedings of which will be published regularly. And in view of the vast development of science and to disseminate the problems in publication of research work, an international journal of Current Trends in Biotechnology and Pharmacy has been started by ABAP.

Current trends in Biotechnology and Pharmacy
Vol 12, Issue 1, January 2018 :: Current Issue

Research Papers
Biochemical profile of five species of cyanobacteria isolated from polythene surface in domestic sewage water of Silchar town, Assam (India)
Pampi Sarmah and Prof. Jayashree Rout
Identification of Nitrogen Efficient Indica Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Genotypes: A physiological and Multivariate statistical approach
Krishna Kumar Guduru, Varakumar Pandit, Ramesh Palakurthi, Sravani Konduru, Suresh Raju Kandi, Jayanna Naik Banavath, Chandra Sekhar Akila, Chandra Obul Reddy Puli
Antidepressant-like effects of methanolic extract of Xanthium strumarium (Asteraceae) in mice
Sheikh Nasrin Keya Md. Shahed-Al-Mahmud Md. Rashidur Rahman
Polysorbate80 Interferes in the Extrinsic Fluorescence based Tertiary Structure Determination of a Therapeutic Anti-CD20 Antibody with ANS Dye
Bala Reddy Bheemareddy, Pradeep Iyer, Vijaya. R. Dirisala
Formulation and Evaluation of Doxofylline Lozenges
Kothagattu Nandini, Arsham Priyadarshini, Shravan Kumar Yamsani
Plant growth promotion by bacterial inoculum with different conditions and estimation of enzyme activity from germinating seeds and bacterial isolates
Navendra Uniyal, Akansha Chauhan, Debasis Mitra and Komal Sharma
Bioparametric Investigation of Mutant Bacillus subtilis MTCC 2414 Extracellular Laccase Production under Solid State Fermentation
E. Venkatanagaraju, D. Chittaranjan, C. Akihito
Formulation and Evaluation of Etodolac Oral Disintegrating Tablets
Thalla Sushma, Arsham Priyadarshini, Shravan Kumar Yamsani
Optimization of in vitro conditions for induction of somatic embryos and regeneration of plantlets in Euphorbia hirta L.
Mahipal S. Shekhawat, Manokari M., Revathi J.
In Vitro Fermentation of Acacia Senegal by Fecal Microbiota from lean Donors to Stimulate the Growth of Probiotic
HammadAhallil., Aminah Abdullah., Mohamad YusofMaskat and Shahrul R. Sarbini
Effect of Metal ions on the Dilute Acid Pretreatment of Lignocellulosics Biomass
Abdul Majid Khan, Sanjay Sahay and Kirti Jain
Review Paper
Overview of Enzyme Based Biosensors and their Applications
N. Mishra, Y. Kadam, N. Malek
News Item

News Item


NAAS Rating (National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, New Delhi) - 4.42

SCImago Journal Rank (SJR) of Scopus® database -

H Index - 7

SCImago Journal & Country Rank

H-Index: 8
SJIF Scientific Journal Impact factor (2015): 5.209
SJR Indexing Factor: 0.15
Index Copernicus Value (2012): 5.13
Indian Citation Index impact factor: 0.049
Research Gate Journal Impact factor: 0.13
NAAS Score of Scientific Journals 4.42


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